Paradise Hills Southern Baptist Church
Monday, October 20, 2014
Worship, Connect, Serve, Share
Adam, Jose,  & Tony rake up at workday         Jan. 25  Sunday morning Bible study group  
 Church Family Photo              Feb. 2 Easter Sunrise          Apr. 20 
 Easter Sunrise Service        Apr. 20  Aaron Eurich Day with NC Mayor Ron Morrison        May 4
Dr. Eurich receives Commendation from SD City Council       May 4  New "Pastor Emeritus" business cards       May 4
Youth Treasure Hunt at Plaza Bonita         May 16   Pizza & ping pong after treasure hunt         May 16
Preschoolers at Vacation Bible School        June 24 Waterslide at Church Cookout       June 29 
Gerald Flora baptizing his daughter          Sept. 7  Ray Rivera and daughters at their baptism         Sept. 21